The company:

Revolver was founded by the performer and choreographer João Cidade with the desire to revolve matters through artistic work that is both dance and theatre.
Revolver Dance Theatre explores subjects that concern us as human beings and members of a society, bringing them closer to the audience through creative perspectives.
At Revolver we highly believe in collaboration work, for which we welcome not only the professionals in dance and theatre, but also professionals from other art fields.


João Cidade: 
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João was born in Campo Maior, Portugal. He graduated from EPAOE – Chapitô (Lisbon) in 2010 with a Professional Certificate in Performing Arts – specialised in Contemporary Dance and Aerial Acrobatics. In that same year João did an internship with CPBC (Portuguese Contemporary Ballet Company) before he moved to the United Kingdom to further invest in his learning process and to continue working as a freelance performer. João studied at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the National Centre for Circus Arts and The Actors’ Temple. His versatility has led him into working with various artists such as Miguel Moreira, João Calixto, Ilona Sagar, Meiro Koizumi, Anna Buonomo and Willi Dorner. In early 2015 he moved to Berlin, where he is currently based, and founded Revolver Dance Theatre. Since then he has created Before I Go (2015) and Eternal Return (2016). While creating Eternal Return he was invited by Zawirowania Dance Theatre (PL) to lead a period of research which led him to the creation of his latest work While the Others Go Wild  (2017).