While the Others Go Wild


In difficult times replete with uncertainties João Cidade feels the necessity to turn the focus to the values of collaboration. While the Others Go Wild is a compilation of several attempts to achieve something together, something greater. The choreographer’s as well as the performers’ perspectives on the term collaboration are turned into isolated ideas which are then, under Cidade’s directions, orchestrated by the performers themselves.

As writer Ellen Mara De Wachter succinctly puts it “The notion of collaboration conjures up a range of ambiguous ideas about collectivism, sharing and support, as well as competition, individualism and isolation.” Despite its ambiguity, this kind of relationship is of utmost importance to our coexisting with others. Collaborating unites us, it empowers us, but what exactly does collaboration mean? It is with this question in mind that Cidade starts thinking his latest work, While the Others Go Wild. Cidade’s interest for a deeper understanding of the term starts in 2016, shortly after he receives an invitation from ZDT – Zawirowania Dance Theatre (PL) to collaborate with the company in leading a research process bridging Warsaw and Berlin. On his way to Poland Cidade writes down “It’s all about building something together. It doesn’t matter how big or small that something is.”, not immediately aware of how complex and fundamental that simple entry would prove itself to be in the conception of While the Others Go Wild.  


App. 60 minutes


© Ekaterina Reinbold


CO-CREATION & PERFORMANCE: Marcelo Andres Schmittner, Isabella Daffara, Erik Elizondo, Marie Hanna Klemm, Rodolfo Piazza Pfitscher da Silva, Telmo Queimado Branco, Sofia Sarmento and Marianne Tuckman
MUSIC: Marcelo Andres Schmittner
LIGHTING DESIGN: Elliot Bursch and Emese Csornai
EXTRA RESEARCH CONTRIBUTORS: Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen, Bartek Figurski, Risa Kojima, Karolina Kroczak, Sarah Maria Cook, Szymon Osiński, Elwira Piorun, Christina Reinhardt, Roberta Ricci, Karolina Rychlik and Davide Troiani


Review, by Nicola Campanelli – Campadidanza (Italian + English)


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